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Join us at The Big One, London 21st April 2023

We're official supporters of The Big One - we're hoping 100,000 people will gather in Westminster at this four-day, family friendly, creative action.

We'd love to see you there.

Velryba jižní - Southern Right Whale - Eubalaena australis

Where to find us

We'll be meeting at the drinking fountain in the south-east corner of St James's Park at 12pm on Friday 21 April and then making our way to the Houses of Parliament for 3pm.

Come and join us!

We'll be in our brand new 'SAVE THE WHALE SAVE THE WORLD' t-shirts, holding placards and playing whale song.


You can buy your own t-shirt from our Teemill store:

You can even download the whale song from Spotify and play it from your phone on the day:

If you can't join us in London, you can still show your support via social media. Just share our posts on 21st April with the hashtag #SaveTheWhaleSaveTheWorld.

Join us to tell decision-makers that a healthy planet needs a healthy ocean ... and that means more whales.

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