Skogafoss Iceland
Skogafoss, Iceland

WDC Iceland Trek 2017

Wednesday 12 July 2017
It was an exciting adventure in some of the most fascinating and breathtaking nature this planet has to offer. Watch out for the video and stunning photographs from our first spectacular Iceland Trek (July 2017) - coming soon!

This once in a lifetime opportunity to go camping under the stars, trek across snow-capped hills, walk behind waterfalls and through lava fields, wade through rivers and finally go whale watching of the coast of Iceland was a truly unforgettable experience! To help protect local whales and dolphins this involved three long days of trekking in tough terrain - in sometimes very rough weather conditions too.  However, a treat to really look forward to at the end of this gruelling trek was the whale watching trip on the final day, led by WDC's Policy manager Rob Lott, a frequent visitor to Iceland and an expert on the whales who make their homes there. Rob commented that "Iceland is a truly fascinating place; the home of just 300,000 people and more than 20 whale species". And there's still time to sponsor our intrepid trekkers via 

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