Walk for Whales Birmingham
Walk for Whales Birmingham

Walk for Whales 2016

Sunday 26 June 2016
Thank you to everyone who attended the Walk for Whales on Sunday 26th June. The annual WDC and SEA LIFE five mile sponsored walk to help protect these wonderful creatures.

We know that whales are amazing: they pass on knowledge from one generation to the next, they play games just for fun, they have strong social bonds and we even know that some look after ill or injured family members. But sadly, they still face so many threats and need us to protect them against hunting, captivity, injury in nets, pollution, the dangers of boat traffic and more. This is why they need your help!

Walk for Whales took place on Sunday 26 June 2016 from nine locations across the UK. The walks were all five miles long and ranged from an urban walk in London to a lochside walk in Loch Lomond. We were pretty lucky with the weather and most places had some sunshine.

  • Birmingham
  • Blackpool
  • Brighton
  • Gweek (evening)
  • Hunstanton
  • Loch Lomond
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Scarborough
  • Weymouth

Walk for Whales is a fundraising event, and we have some great prizes for our top fundraisers! Don't forget to send you sponsor forms and money in by 31st July!

Need more information before booking? Get in touch via the form below or at walkforwhales@whales.org or 01249 449 500.

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