Help us stop dolphin deaths in nets

Entanglement in fishing nets and gear, or ‘bycatch’, is the biggest threat facing dolphins, porpoises and whales. Hundreds of thousands of individuals die a slow and painful death every year. It’s pushed some species to the brink of extinction. No fisherman wants to kill a dolphin so we need to work together to make fishing safer. But we need your support to end this suffering.  Please help us create a better future for these amazing, intelligent creatures.

Your gift will help us work with governments, conservation organisations, the fishing industry and coastal communities to make the seas safe for dolphins, porpoises and whales.

  • £10 will help us to present evidence to EU and regional experts and governments and call for better protection.
  • £20 would enable us to meet with the fishing industry and Scottish Natural Heritage to explore ways to reduce the numbers of humpback and minke whales getting entangled in Scottish waters.
  • £30 could help us to examine existing legislation and determine what new laws we need to reduce the suffering.

Together, we CAN prevent these deaths. We MUST save lives.

We will feedback on our progress, but we can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you.  Every pound will help.

If you give £30 or more, as a thank you, we will send you our award-winning magazine, Whale & Dolphin four times a year.

Thank you.

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