Donate to stop the cruelty of whaling

On December 26th 2018, the Japanese Government confirmed that it would be leaving the International Whaling Commission to resume commercial whaling in 2019.

By leaving the IWC, Japan is hoping to realise their long term plan of resuming commercial whaling without international interference. 

Japanese hunters will kill sei, Bryde’s and minke whales in the same way that they kill around 3,000 dolphins and ‘small’ whales every year - in unregulated hunts with no accountability.  We can't stand by and let that happen. We now need your support more than ever.  

Please give a donation today and we will:

  1. work with lawyers to scrutinize the legality of Japan's decision and evaluate the possibility for legal steps against it.
  2. intensify our relationships with Japanese activist organisations. Change will need to come from within Japan and so our work with our colleagues there is crucial.
  3. work closely with partner charities all over the world and also with government departments to leverage diplomatic pressure. The UK and other governments have issued strong statements condemning Japan’s move and we will work with them to follow this up with action.

We will feedback on our progress, but we can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you.  Every pound will help.

If you give £30 or more, as a thank you, we will send you our award-winning magazine, Whale & Dolphin four times a year.

Thank you.

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