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Giving whales a voice at COP28

WDC attended COP28 - the United Nations Climate Change Conference - in the United Arab Emirates. Whales are climate giants, playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ocean - vital for a sustainable planet. In life and in death, our enormous underwater allies combat the impact of carbon on our climate.

COP29 will take place in November 2024 in Azerbaijan.

While global efforts have focused on reducing our carbon emissions, one vital key to solving the problem is consistently overlooked: the ocean. And within its depths there’s hope - our enormous, magnificent allies in this fight; whales.

Ed Goodall

Ed Goodall, WDC head of  
intergovernmental engagement

It is not a coincidence that as nature has been eroded and animal populations have drastically declined, the climate crisis has got worse and is accelerating. We need to restore balance to the natural world and that doesn't just mean protecting ecosystems spatially, it means restoring populations of wild animals so they can play their important roles within the ecosystem. A rainforest can't function without jaguars, toucans, monkeys and anteaters. The ocean can't function without whales, dolphins, fish and corals. We have to restore the constituent parts of systems and build that into our climate plans and stories”.  

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Save the whale, save the world

Together with partners we’re supporting important research to close knowledge gaps about the role of whales and dolphins within the marine ecosystem and climate system.

Climate Giants

WDC’s research project reveals how whales help us tackle the climate crisis

The Climate Giant Project is an exciting initiative looking at the vital role played by whales in the marine environment. Using ground-breaking research from around the world, the results will help us understand more about the roles whales can play in helping to tackle the climate crisis.

We will be promoting this research at COP28 with help from individuals and companies who are supporting us.

Collecting humpback whale poo © Sarah Mastroni


How climate change is impacting whales and dolphins and why we need to re-whale the ocean to achieve climate goals.

Whales and dolphins are acutely vulnerable and exposed to suffering the long and short-term consequences of climate change which are already impacting populations and threatening their very survival. They are living barometers of our impacts on the ocean and climate systems. By contrast whales and dolphins are helping us to mitigate climate change impacts.

This brand new WDC report makes a strong case for restoring populations of these climate giants to mitigate the fight against climate change and wider biodiversity loss.

Download the report.

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