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Newer sonar technology still a threat to whales

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Japanese whalers kill over 200 whales in commercial hunt

Japanese whalers returned to port today after completing the first commercial hunt since Japan left...
Risso's dolphin

New State of Nature report paints worrying picture for UK wildlife

A new State of Nature report has revealed that losses to all animals, plants and...

Norway’s whaling future uncertain after survey shows little domestic appetite for whale meat

The future of Norway’s whaling industry appears to be in serious doubt as it struggles...

More Success! WDC’s negotiations with travel giant TripAdvisor pay off

Online travel giant, TripAdvisor is to stop the promotion of whale and dolphin captivity shows,...
Surfing harbour porpoise

Surf’s up for porpoises in Wales

Rare images of porpoises surfing the waves off the coast of Wales were snapped by...
Orcas are crammed together in sickening conditions

Russia considers more whale captures after releasing some from notorious ‘whale jail’

Whale and dolphin experts, including those from WDC have issued a joint letter to the...

Financial worth of whales revealed

Policymakers and economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have placed a substantial value on...

Rugby World Cup fans warned of whale meat risk

WDC has launched an awareness campaign today calling on people visiting Japan for the Rugby...
Bottlenose dolphins swimming wild and free

Antibiotic resistance in dolphins mirrors trend seen in humans

Samples collected from dolphins by scientists over a 12 year period indicate that dolphins may...

Canada to move two captive belugas to theme park in Spain

Two captive beluga whales are to be moved from the Marineland theme park in Canada...

New report reveals increase in whale and dolphin strandings in UK

A report on whale and dolphin strandings in the UK during the last seven years...

New beaked whale species discovered in Japan

A new species of beaked whale that lives in the North Pacific has been identified...