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Can space technology tell us how many whales there are?

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A magical sperm whale encounter

Can space technology tell us how many whales there are?

This exciting project is part of Deloitte's Gravity Challenge, a global programme that encourages corporates,...

WDC scientists join call for global action to protect whales and dolphins from extinction

Scientists from Whale and Dolphin Conservation, along with over 250 other experts from 40 countries,...

Whaling in Japan struggles to make a profit

Nearly a year after leaving the International Whaling Commission and resuming commercial whaling, Japan's whaling...
Breaching porpoise

WDC funded research shows ‘pingers’ could save porpoises from fishing nets

Underwater sound devices called ‘pingers’ could be an effective, long-term way to prevent porpoises getting...
Minke whale

WDC supports call for Government to prioritise green recovery

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) today joined businesses, other environmental organisations and youth leaders in urging...
Fin whaling plant in Iceland

Positive whaling news emerges from Iceland

News emerging from Iceland indicates that the company behind Iceland’s fin whale hunts, Hvalur hf,...

Newer sonar technology still a threat to whales

A study into the effects of underwater sonar has revealed that newer technology is as...
Humpback breaching

Outrage as Norway’s government says its whalers are ‘essential workers’

If you are able to help with a donation it would mean the world right...
Common dolphin © Martyn Sidwell

Putting whale and dolphin welfare on the agenda

Every whale and dolphin is important. You know that, but in the past, conservationists have...

WDC’s whale and dolphin sightings programme receives financial boost

WDC’s work to help whale and dolphin populations in Scotland has been given a boost...
Whale in a forest

One year on – Japan’s return to whaling hurts us all

Japanese whalers have slaughtered 223 whales in the 12 months since the Japanese government announced...
A snorkelling tour boat approaches an orca. © Steve Truluck.

Frozen waste – missed opportunity to address deep concerns over Norway’s ‘snorkel-with-orcas’ tours

Beats me why anyone would want to snorkel in the deep, dark ice-cold waters off...