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Landmark report reveals UK wildlife’s devastating decline

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Bottlenose dolphins breaching

Landmark report reveals UK wildlife’s devastating decline

With whales and dolphins already facing many threats, a landmark report released this week reveals the true extent of UK wildlife's devastating decline. The world-leading...
Dolphins with oil rig

Go ahead for new UK oil and gas exploration threatens whales and dolphins

Permission has been granted for the development of the UK's biggest untapped oilfield off Shetland, a decision which will exacerbate the climate crisis and result...
Icelandic hunting vessels in port

Whaling boat kept in port after more hunt cruelty exposed

Icelandic whale hunting fleet One of the whaling boats involved in the latest hunts in Iceland has been kept in port after yet more controversy...
Commerson's dolphin

New Important Marine Mammal Areas added to global ocean conservation list

Commerson's dolphin Experts from a number of countries have mapped out a new set of Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in the South West Atlantic...
Image showing two harpoon wounds in fin whale

Whalers kill just days after Iceland’s hunt suspension is lifted

Whalers in Iceland have claimed their first victims since the lifting (just a few days ago) of a suspension of the hunts because they broke...
Fin whale

Icelandic government lifts suspension on cruel hunts

The Icelandic government is to allow fin whales to be hunted again after lifting a suspension introdcued this summer because the slaughter was ruled unlawful...
A group of fish-eating orcas in Russia's Far East

Orcas are not attacking boats say leading scientists

A number of leading scientists and marine mammal experts, including WDC's research fellow, Erich Hoyt, have called for an end to sensationalised reporting of orca...
Lulu was so full of chemicals, her body was treated as toxic waste. Image: SMASS

New WDC pollution report points to UK toxic tragedy

Our new report into chemical pollution paints a grim future for the dolphins, whales and porpoises that inhabit UK waters. Exposure to toxic pollutants (chemicals...
Dolphins play with Scottish Dolphin Centre in the background

WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre wins Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

Dolphins play with Scottish Dolphin Centre in the background Our Scottish Dolphin Centre has been recognised by Tripadvisor as a 2023 Travelers' Choice award winner....
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The North Uist ShoreWatch Team

Our return to the Islands …!!!

Our 2012 field season on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland...

Denmark’s balancing act on the issue of whaling

WDCS has just been with colleagues to the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the...
WDCS / Nicola Hodgins

The Minch is full of life!

We had an unexpectedly glorious day on the water today and saw first-hand what many...

Environmental Movements: Old & New

When doing outreach events we often stress there is little difference between what happens on...

Just Ticking Over…

Hi Everyone, Dolphin sightings and actual activity are pretty much just ticking over at the...

The Dolphin Dog Walk = "DONE"!

Posted on behalf of Kila and Harvey - the Canine Research Team!In case you've not...

Nice One Son !

Hi Everyone, A bitterly cold session at Chanonry on Sunday and we ended up with...

That's A Bit Small, Sundance !

Hi Everyone, A long and very cold wait at Chanonry Point yesterday eventually saw Sundance,...

The Spirit Of Adventure…

Hi Everyone, I have been very fortunate for the last three days having been invited...

Which way will the EU vote on whaling?

WDCS has been involved in an ongoing debate with the European Commission EU about the...

IWC 2012 is upon us

Our scientific colleagues will point out that the IWC began for them some weeks ago,...

IWC 2012 is upon us

Our scientific colleagues will point out that the International Whaling Commission began for them some...