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Sperm whale group © Vanessa Mignon

Great Whale Conveyor Belt

Sperm whales

Great Whale Conveyor Belt

Baleen whales undertake some of the longest migrations on Earth.  These extraordinary journeys have a transformative effect on the transport of vital nutrients through the ocean, in a process known as the ’Great Whale Conveyor Belt.’  Whales transport and release thousands of tonnes of nutrients – including iron and nitrogen, which are vital for species…

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Group of indo-pacific finless porpoises

Indo-Pacific finless porpoise – Hong Kong

Using local environmental knowledge and fishing community cooperation to map bycatch hotspots for finless porpoises Despite the popular image of Hong Kong as a thriving business and banking metropolis, an extensive small scale fishing industry continues throughout Hong Kong waters, despite all commercial trawling being banned in 2012. Entanglement in fishing gear is the most…

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Atlantic humpback dolphin group

Atlantic humpback dolphins – Senegal

Researching and reducing threats to Senegal’s marine mammals and turtles. There are only 1,500 Atlantic humpback dolphins, or Sousa teuzsii left on Earth. Only found along the west coast of Africa, they are critically endangered and in desperate need of our protection. We need to stop them becoming the first dolphin species to be hunted…

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Humpback whales in Alaska. © Alaska Whale Foundation

Humpback whales – Alaska

WDC funds pioneering research project Whales are our allies in the fight against the climate crisis. Among other things, whales stimulate the production of oxygen in the sea by fertilizing the smallest algae in the upper sea layer (phytoplankton) with their excretions. Through their diving behaviour they promote the exchange of nutrients between layers in…

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Humpback whales in Antarctica © Rob Lott

The Green Whale

The Green Whale Home > Information Save the . Whales and dolphins are remarkable. But why are they so important? Why do we need to end captivity, stop whaling, prevent deaths in fishing gear, and protect their homes, the seas and rivers of the world? Whales play an amazing role in an ecosystem that keeps…

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Dolphin swimming with plastic on tail © Andrew Sutton

Impact of plastic pollution on whales and dolphins

Message in a Bottle The ocean is filling up with plastic. It threatens all whales and dolphins, the ocean itself, and our own health. But this rising tide of pollution has rolled in before scientists have been able to fully quantify the harm it’s causing to whales and dolphins, let alone raise the alarm. With…

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