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Long-finned pilot whales. Image: Christopher Swann/WDC

Why do Faroese communities hunt pilot whales?

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Minke whale

Will Japan’s new emperor bring new hope for whales?

This week, Japan's Emperor Akihito offered his formal abdication to the Japanese people and delivered...
Volunteers with binoculars

My amazing time as a WDC volunteer researcher on the Welsh island of Bardsey

WDC has a long-running research project studying the dolphins and porpoises who make their homes...
cigarette butt on beach no credit needed

How cigarette butts pollute the ocean and harm whales and dolphins

Today is World No Tobacco Day and you could be forgiven for wondering what that’s...

Looking out for orcas from the Scottish north coast – Orca Watch 2019

Orca Watch week is now in its eighth year and is run by the Sea...
A group of New Zealand dolphins leaping

Extinction emergency – we need action right now to save New Zealand dolphins

Every year on 8 June we celebrate World Oceans Day - a day when we’re...
Fin whale

Icelandic fin whales win a reprieve this summer

I can’t tell you how delighted I am at the news that fin whales will...
Little Grey and Little White

How you fly two beluga whales home to the ocean

Ahead of the relocation of Little White and Little Grey to the world’s first open...
Short-beaked common dolphin

Did you know the International Whaling Commission is tackling dolphin deaths in nets?

If you are aware of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) then you probably know it...
Antarctic minke whale

Whaling in Japan, who wins and who loses?

As the G20 global leaders meet in Japan, Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s CEO, Chris Butler-Stroud...

Please stop killing whales – WDC joins anti-whaling marches

On Saturday, along with WDC colleagues, I braved the soaring temperatures and joined the march...
North Atlantic right whale

What would you say to the remaining few North Atlantic right whales?

North Atlantic right whales are on the brink of extinction. Fewer than 450 are left....
New J pod calf June 2019 Tofino

New baby offers hope for endangered orca community

On the morning of 30 May, off Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, an orca calf, complete...