Richard branson as Poseidon

Stop selling trips to SeaWorld Sir Richard

Holiday companies like Virgin, Thomas Cook, Cosmos, Thomson and First Choice are offering trips to see captive whales and dolphins in places like SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove in the US, and Atlantis in the United Arab Emirates.

In February 2014, we launched a campaign calling on Sir Richard Branson to end Virgin Holidays’ association with SeaWorld and other facilities holding whales and dolphins in captivity.

Our campaign film, “A letter to Richard Branson”, was watched by 100,000 people on YouTube. Sir Richard listened to our call and shortly after issued a statement instructing Virgin Holidays to stop working with any aquarium or theme park that continues to capture whales and dolphins from the wild or imports whales and dolphins taken from the wild after February 2014.

Virgin also held an unprecedented multi-stakeholder meeting involving individuals from all sides of the captivity debate and issued a pledge against wild capture, which has been signed by more than 30 facilities holding whales and dolphins in captivity.

WDC continues to work with Virgin to enforce and improve upon the pledge and welcomes Virgin Holidays announcement that they will no longer sign up any new attractions that feature captive whales and dolphins for theatrical shows, contact sessions (such as ‘swim-with’ programmes) or other entertainment purposes.

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Orcas in captivity infographic
Orcas in captivity infographic