A Whale Named Erica

I asked Erica Magnusson, one of our summer interns, to write a blog about a recent trip. She told me she'd rather write about her internship experience which, given the long hours she's been working in pure chaos, I sheepishly agreed she could write it (and thought of bribing her to say nice things and not that she was overworked or exhausted).

Sightings Update....

Hi Everyone,

The weather has been a bit rubbish for any photography in the last few days, with a howling wind and misty rain, Dolphins have been around both at North Kessock and at Chanonry but it's not been good for photos - everything looks black and white, like this shot of Nevis doing a "flukes up" dive.

Sightings Update....

Hi Everyone,

Good old Nevis was showing a tanker who was the boss yesterday, bowriding enthusiastically for nearly a mile past Fort George.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Hi Everyone,

My WDCS colleagues Sarah Dolman, Nicola Hodgins and I have had a very early morning start monitoring the area around Chanonry Point recently so that the Round Britain Powerboat Race could go through the area without too much disturbance to our dolphins and other marine life.

Boat Strikes and Entanglements- sometimes how whales experience humans

Karolina Jasinska is a summer 2008 intern for WDCS. Originally from Poland, Karolina has a background in economics and this is her first time studying whales. Karolina made the following observations while she was on board the Hyannis Whale Watcher, who generously allows WDCS interns to collect data during their whale watching trips.

Friday, June 27, 2008

IWC 60 - Last Day.

IWC Day 5 – the final hurdles: No one wants the IWC and what is that whale meat doing there?


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