Adopt a dolphin star, Kesslet is back in town!

After a week or two of sporadic and very brief sightings of WDC adopt a dolphin star, Kesslet out past Rosemarkie Bay, it was a lovely sight at the end of last week to see her for the first time this season hunting in the Kessock Channel. This is the narrow area of water in the north east of Scotland, between the city of Inverness and the Black Isle village of North Kessock. She was right in the fast current, hunting for salmon with her powerful echolocation system and despite the really strong wind and rough sea, I hope you enjoy the picture I managed to get of her as she surfaced to breathe. Great to see you back big girl!

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Kesslet swimming in the Moray Firth
Kesslet returns to the Moray Firth


Sawfin is a long-term resident of Turneffe Atoll and one of our most commonly sighted dolphins. She is often seen raising a calf. On average, adult female dolphins give birth to a single calf once every four years. We often find Sawfin foraging and resting in the lush seagrass meadows of Harry Jones Cut to the west of Blackbird Caye, typically in the company of her daughter, Chance.