Rainbow Colours....

I had an exquisite encounter recently with WDC Adopt a Dolphin star Rainbow and her four year old son, Indigo. They were in a group of dolphins that were heading out of the Cromarty Firth heading down the coast under the shadow of the south Sutor cliff and the colours of the coastline's rocks and plants made for some beautiful and unusual reflections on the water that was mirror calm - very appropriate really for lovely Rainbow... Many thanks to Sarah at Ecoventures, Cromarty for yet another great boat trip !

Rainbow & Indigo in colourful still water.


Thank you Charlie Phillips for the great pictures and thank you Sarah of Ecoventures for making it possible that Charlie could make those great pictures.

Thanks for the update, Charlie. Much appreciated !

Thank You Nick - Best Wishes from Scotland.

Very nice shot Charlie colours and the stillness We are up in Sept so see ya soon

Thanks Alan, hopefully see you in September !