The EU must shut its ports to whale meat!

More than 105,000 people responded to our call for the EU to ban the transit of whale meat through its ports. If you were one of them – thank you! 

The European Union actually has some solid laws against killing whales and trading in their meat and other body parts, so it should be a no-brainer for the EU not to help the whalers with their bloody trade.   However, the transit of whale meat through EU ports is perfectly legal as long as the relevant paperwork is in order and the meat at no point actually enters the EU. WDC has been campaigning to change this for several years and this week, we’ve been delighted to see some valuable progress as the European Parliament discussed Norway´s whale slaughter and the increasing trade in whale meat between Norway and Japan. In a debate held on July 6th, many MEPs called on the EU Commission to act and ban the transit of whale meat through EU ports once and for all

minke whale
minke whale

The many MEPs from various political backgrounds who spoke on the issue were in agreement that the EU needs to step up its game and forcefully address Norway's continued whaling and trade

MEP Mark Demesmaeker stated that if the EU does not do something substantial, it will be complicit in the trade in dead whales.

MEP  Anja Hazekamp, who was instrumental in getting the question tabled, said that whaling and trade must stop. She called on the EU to ban the transits and referred to a legal opinion that clearly showed that the EU has the option to ban transits, even if the relevant paperwork is in order.

Green MEP Keith Taylor gave a passionate statement in which he said that the EU is assisting the whalers by allowing the whale meat transits, which actually contravenes EU policies aimed at protecting whales and dolphins. Keith said that if Norway did not comply with CITES and IWC regulations then a transit ban should be enacted.

MEP Marco Affronte pointed out that over the past few years, the European Parliament has debated whaling a lot and he expressed frustration that no practical steps have so far been taken.  He added that this time though, the EU has the chance to finally do something. As a side note, Mr Affronte also said that, as regards the current trade agreement with Japan, the European Parliament has stated clearly that it wants to see an end to Japan’s whaling.

Other MEPs chimed in and agreed that the EU has a duty to send a very clear message that whaling is unacceptable, and take action.

All strong and positive stuff from the European Parliament, but the EU Commission has been disappointingly weak in its response. The Commission representative repeated previous statements and cited EU laws on the protection of whales and the prohibition of trade in whale meat and products.

He then went on to remind people that Norway is actually permitted to trade in whale products because it has what’s known as a ‘reservation’ and legally excuses itself from the rules that most of the rest of the world agrees through the International Whaling Commission (the body that regulates whaling) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). He also pointed out that transit of such shipments was legal under international law and in the EU. He said the EU will continue its current course of raising the issue with Norway and calling on them to stop, but he did not acknowledge the possibility of a ban or stronger measures.

The Commissioner also had to admit that the EU does not have information on the quantities and destinations of whale meat going its ports.

All in all, a positive and necessary debate.

The real test will come in September when the European Parliament will have to decide whether or not they will put these words into action. A ‘resolution’ will be put to the vote which will echo the calls of the MEPs for strict measures against Norway and will hopefully call for a ban on the transit of whale meat through EU ports.  If successful, this will put further pressure on the EU Commission to close its ports to whale meat and stop assisting the transit of dead whales. WDC will be on the case, on your behalf, until the bloody trade is stopped. 

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Hunting of whales needs to stop!

I believe that many whales,Dolphins,Porpoises,even sharks need the protection of the EU not them whalers to kill as many whales,Dolphins and other sea creatures when ever they wanted and by what number they decided to catch and kill to kill for the sake of killing innocent creatures is wrong pure wrong
for I believe without a doubt that it`s better for them to roam in the sea where they can be enjoyed by everyone, and that also fishermans nets should be widened so that many sea creatures and can escape the nets for so many are being needlessly killed and needs too stop know

Whaling is wrong, cruel and should be banned, we need stronger measures and stronger minded people to make it stick!

Whales don't come on land to kill us so leave them safe where they belong in the ocean and not on your plates. STOP HUNTING WHALES NOW

They definitely need to shut their ports, they should demand Norway to stop whaling, and for Denmark to make the Faroe Islands stop as well!

Stop faroese cetacean murders !

Stop whaling now !!!

whaling is abhorrent and totally unnecessary - carried out by rich nations like Japan, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, they cannot plead poverty, BAN ALL whaling NOW

So what exactly is the point of having rules protecting whales in the EU if Norway can basically stick two fingers up and do whatever they want? There might as well be no rules if they're optional.

Whaling is a crime and totally unnecessary, it only serves those that profit from the barbaric slaughter of our beautiful whales.
All whaling should be banned and the Faroese are nothing but barbaric murders, their so-called traditional slaughter of whales is abhorrent to the civilised world.

How anyone can eat any animal is beyond me.....but whaling is an absolute crime against these beautiful and majestic wonders....and the Faroese need to be stopped regarding their barbaric and outdated, 'Dark Ages' slaughter, there is no place for this in civilised society. I hope the up and coming generations can take this in hand, and the consciousness of humans hopefully changes for the better.

I have visited Iceland and Norway to see for myself their situation. Iceland is making far more money from whale watching tourism, which has far more value to the nation than consumption of an endangered species. Norway is a thriving country, and is getting 'round' the ban on whale hunting (same as Japan) by saying they are doing so for scientific study. Why then are they encouraging the consumption of this wonderful marine mammal by selling it on the stalls in their fish market, notably in Bergen. I will not visit either country again until they change their policy on hunting whales. I did not set foot in the Faroe Islands for the same reason and try to actively spread the word of their barbaric killing sprees.