What do you wish for whales and dolphins in 2017?

Well 2016, you’ve been eventful. Now, let's face the new year with hope. Bring it on 2017 and we'll each play our part in making good and positive things happen.

So, what do we want from 2017? What do you wish for whales and dolphins in the year ahead?

I've been asking my colleagues at WDC and made a simple wish-list. Just a few ambitions that aren't on the scale of world peace, but are wishes that, with your support, we really could make come true. Add your whale and dolphin wishes in the comments section below and, together, let’s see how many we can put a great big tick against in 2017. When we all work together, it's amazing what we can achieve.

A humpback has a look around

I asked our CEO, Chris Butler-Stroud what he wishes for and he said,

"I wish that in 2017, people start to realise that ‘save the whales’ is no longer just a slogan, but something we have to do if we are to protect this planet and ourselves".

Our End Captivity team said, “we wish that in 2017:

  • at least one more UK holiday company will stop selling trips to SeaWorld and other places that hold whales and dolphins captive.
  • no orcas will be captured in Russia.”

Our Stop Whaling team said, “we wish that in 2017:

  • the EU will refuse to enter into a Free Trade Agreement with Japan while Japan kills whales.
  • no fin whales will be killed in Iceland.”

Our End Bycatch team said, “we wish that in 2017:

  • English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh governments will commit to putting national laws in place, after Britain leaves the EU, to protect whales and dolphins from dying in fishing nets in UK waters
  • gillnets will be banned in the northern Gulf of California to save vaquitas from extinction.”

Our Homes for Whales and Dolphins team said, “we wish that in 2017:

  • Germany will protect harbour porpoises as it is obligated to do under the EU Habitats Directive
  • New Zealand will protect Maui dolphins and save them from extinction.”

These aren’t pie-in-the-sky wishes. These are all achievable. Will you make a donation to help make them happen?

Thank you for your support in 2016. I look forward to sharing our joint successes with you in 2017. Share your wishes below and let’s make 2017 a turning point for whale and dolphin protection.

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I wish you a very happy New Year on behalf of everyone at WDC!

Wild, free dolphins


I wish for all hunting and capturing of whales and dolphins to be illegal with stiff penalties if caught doing those things. And all fishing nets be banned. Only sustainable line fishing to be allowed.

Stop it

Have stop

I want them to be living free in the wild, or in a reputable santuary.

Ik wil dat dolfijnen en walvissen vrij kunnen zwemmenden dat er een verbod komt landelijk dat ze beschermd worden!

I second that Bridget. No animal should be held in captivity for monetary gain.

Stop this

I wish them survival & for all annual brutal kills that are done for tradition be stopped. The terror and pain of these kills as in the annual dolphin kill in Japan are unnecessary & inhumane.

All this must be made illegal. Whales and dolphins should be in the sea, not in tanks being forced to do stupid tricks for stupid ignorant humans. It is a disgrace.

I totally agree and support this comment it's about time Governments took action to stop the slaughter and imprisonment of these majestic creatures.

I wish for respect for these amazing animals and that they may be left to live peacefully in their natural environment.

Exactly right, Susie - 'respect' is the appropriate word, for our dealings with all creatures.

Let's protect cetaceans and other sentient beings for their own sakes, not for what we can exploit them for.

I really wish and I pray that that all the dolphins Wales and all the other poor animals that are killed because of human greed would be banned and those to be severely punished for this it's so sad and I wish they would just leave them alone they belong to the sea and they deserve to be FREE

I wish that the Stop Whaling team would be heard more this year and that fishing was more regulated ethically regulated to stop harming whales dolphins seals etc and penguins

Peace for all animals. Punishment for those who hunt and are cruel.

Save all whales and dolphins.

I do to. All animals should be free and have a peaceful life. That's what I wish for in 2017

I agree about a total ban on cetacean killing (and capturing), and as by-catch via trawling nets. I'd also like to see seismic and sonar prospecting converted into sustainable energy support, and public education - leading to an end to cruel animal entertainment and an overhaul of local and global pollution. I'd also like to see an empowered and educated U.S. (and elsewhere) populations take charge of their politicians, for themselves and our planet.

I would like to see a big clamp down on industrial fishing and fishing nets should be make trcable back to the fishing company so that they cannot discard them into the sea without consequences.

End murder of whales on Faroe Islands. End Tajhi dolphin slaughter. End all whaling. End all captivity of whales and dolphins

I would like to see, where there are dolphin areas, an opening to the sea to where
Dolphins can come and go as they please

Set them free. Dolphins and Orcas suffer greatly, Exploitation of the worst and for what? GREED!

Man does not own these creatures...enough is enough...this is 2017..when will we learn??

I so agree. We are supposed to have progressed as a race but sometimes I wonder.....

I deplore all whaling. Dolphins and whales belong in the oceans where they can swim free.

Dear whales and dolphins,
i have a vision of you living in safe waters all over the world. I see you happy and numerous enriching the oceans with beauty and joy. I see us, admiring this beauty and appreciating you here. I see harmony and peace.
I thank everyone for realizing your important role in our lives and listening to your wonderful beings.
With love for 2017!

I wish that all animals would be happy. If they are happy then we all have all the reasons to be happy as well.

Happy new year to all the whales and dolphins in the world, I wish you a year of freedom from captivity and above all flourish in all water bodies in the world, love you all!

I wish for the health of the oceans in order to sustain the lives of all whales, dolphins and every other marine animal. As such I wish for increasing global acknowledgement and action of plastic waste and use, and the harm it causes to our beloved marine animals and oceans.
I also wish for the freedom of all whales & dolphins into safe sanctuaries and for more political action to combat whaling.

I wish that people would wake up and realise that once these creatures become extinct there is no way we will ever see them again, and children of future generations will not have the pleasure and joy we have had in being able to see and marvel at these magnificent animals.