New film looks at the issue of whale and dolphin rights

By All Rights, a new documentary by US filmmaker Stan Minasian, is the first documentary to tackle the issue of whales’ and dolphins’ emerging rights: Rights to life, and to freedom.

It includes amazing footage, including a remarkable rescue of entangled sperm whales, where the whales wait patiently for rescuers to free them. It also contains interviews with key scientists and a renowned philosopher, exploring the case for rights.

"This isn’t a moral leap of faith. It’s an ethical inevitability," says WDC’s Senior Biologist, Philippa Brakes. "This film is important because it explores an issue core to the philosophy of WDC and our supporters."

George Osterkamp of CBS News, says: “It is hard to take your eyes off the screen. The photography is extraordinary, and the case for whale and dolphin rights is made calmly and clearly. It is the most reasoned and compelling argument for animal rights that I have seen."

WDC urges everyone who cares about whales and dolphins to watch the film (available online for free until Feb 26th). Add your voice by signing the Declaration of rights for cetaceans: whales and dolphins.

Philippa, who leads WDC’s work on rights, furthers the argument:  
Whales and dolphins are undoubtedly intelligent, sentient, individuals. Each with their own life story. As we start to regard them as a ‘who’ not a ‘what’, and learn about social structures, communication, how whales share information, and form unique cultures; inevitably we also challenge how we treat them. This film is not about giving human rights to whales and dolphins; it is about recognising whales and dolphins as smart individuals. It’s about no longer turning a blind eye, to their suffering, and to the realities that the science is shouting at us.

Humpback whale with calf
Humpback whale with calf


I just signed the Declaration of rights for cetaceans: whales and dolphins!
I hope and wish that many individuals will follow and sign that declaration.

Thank you, also on behalf of the animals, for your continued fight on their behalf. I'm glad that I am able to do my part in the fight for those majestic cetaceans. The world needs them around because without them the world is not complete.


They have more rights than we do they've been here on earth a lot longer than humans. They deserve our respect and love


Yes! I'm a 'dialed in' environmentalist... do what I can - but we have a lot of overwhelming power out there.... Let's keep it up...

I agree Candace!!!!

Keep up the good work. Brilliant video

All living beings deserve to live in their natural homes without being murdered for greed

It's the only way....times are changing and it's way past time to respect and give freedom to all creatures.

Nicely done. Could have used this 40 years ago at trial. Mahalo to everyone involved in making this wonderful piece.

Who are humans to decide who or what have rights? Off course the dolphin and whales have rights! Great documentary, thank you so much for making it :)

Hi. I would really like to see this film. How can I see it after its date expiry for watching free online?
I just signed the declaration. Thank you for your good work.