Orca Morgan – four years at Loro Parque

In June 2010 a young female orca was found alone and emaciated in the Wadden Sea, near the Dutch coast. Under a permit for rehabilitation and release she was taken to the dolphinarium Harderwijk and nursed back to health. On November 29, 2011 Morgan was transported again – but not into a sea pen to be prepared for the release back into the ocean – this time she was shipped to Spain! A Dutch court had ruled that it was in Morgan’s best interest to stay in captivity despite the fact that there was a thorough multi-stage release plan prepared for her by orca experts. This decision was upheld even after an appeal hearing in front of the Dutch High Court in December 2013.

In this video a team of independent film makers shows how it could have felt for Morgan when she got separated from her family and ended up in a concrete tank.

At Loro Parque, on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Morgan is held together with 5 other orcas. Four of them were shipped to the park from the USA in 2006 and Adan, the youngest, was born on site in 2010. ALL the orcas are owned by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainments as SeaWorld also claims ownership of Morgan and lists her in their inventory. And this is not the only thing where Morgan has been failed as orca expert Dr. Ingrid Visser and attorney Matthew Spiegl uncover in their recently published white paper “CITES and the Marine Mammal Protection Act: Comity and Conflict at Loro Parque”. According to the permit under which Morgan was shipped to Loro Parque, she should be used for scientific research. However, the reality is that Morgan makes daily appearances in the shows doing tricks for the paying public. When she is not performing  she is being held with Keto, a mature male orca. Offspring from this wild orca would bring a whole new bloodline into the SeaWorld orca stock. Of the 23 captive born orcas SeaWorld owns, 13 are blood related to the main breeding bull Tilikum, who featured in the 2013 documentary BLACKFISH.

The white paper was sent to the appropriate authorities in the Netherlands, Spain and also the US to investigate how a free-living orca from European waters could end up in the inventory of a US for-profit corporation. 

Orca Morgan
Orca Morgan


Loro. Parque has bad reputation..alex martinez was attack by a whale.. one that sea world transfers..

How can SeaWorld claim ownership of a being that was free? SeaWorld really has no rights to Morgan.
They're just looking to keep all these orca in captivity for the BIG BUCKS. Disgusting People.

No wonder Sea World is sinking, the truth is out!

Many others can say it better! I'm simply ashamed that humans pay to see intelligent *mammels, away from their large, inviroment & species to entertain us for an hour till their next show. SHAME on us! SHAME on TRAINERS.

BOYCOTT like HELL if you care!!!

Baffles me how money can turn heads and change laws. Morgan has been cheated and how anyone thinks they have to right to decide that she should never be reunited with her family or feel the current of the sea again baffles me. Poor girl is either being bullied by the other orcas or pursued by Keto what a sorry existence. I'm sorry Morgan we the human species failed you all for the sake of money , greed and a new gene pool

This is disgusting. Money buys the acceptance of mass corruption. Morgan and all Orcas should be released back into the wild or destroyed if release proves impossible. NOT kept in tiny pools. Remember they lived in the Ocean, NO pool will ever be big enough.

Morgan isn't claimed by SW
Morgan doesn't peform in shows daily
Morgan isn't kept with Keto at other times

Morgan is kept with Skyla, Kohana, Adan and sometimes Tekoa, and rarely Keto
Her first calf one day might be of one of the 2 males, but they'll probably AI her, since Keto and Tekoa both come from bloodlines that they'd rather not have calfs of
Morgan has a fresh bloodline, so they'll use males with good short bloodlines, if they are smart

Also, no
Morgan is no longer bullied by the others

well gee that just sounds so much better now that you tried to justified what they do by the way if you have to justify an action then IT PROPERLY ISNT A GOOD ONE

What has happened to Morgan is an absolute disgrace - her permit states she was to be rehabilitated and NOT exploited to make money for SeaWorld and Loro Parque. Their selfishness and greed knows no bounds. It's time to end the use of animals in entertainment and evolve - marine parks need to get into the 21st century.

Its about time all these parks which I call prisons are shut down completely the mental stress is unimaginable and they think this is ENTERTAINMENT ESPECIALLY SEAWORLD ALL FOR A BUCK.I DONT NO HOW YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOURSELVES SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THESE ANIMALS ARE DYING TO BE FREE, I would rather see them for one day in the ocean where they are supposed to be then for 100 years in seaworld $$$$$$ why do people go to seaworld why do people want to eat whales? is this really how people want to be entertained
we have to change the thinking of the world to change the actions

Freedom is something that has engineered wars. I believe all life should be free.