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Earth Day Q&A with Waipapa Bay Wines’ marketing director, Fran Draper

Indigo and Charlie. Credit Charlie Phillips, WDC.

Great Valentine’s Day gifts from our Scottish Dolphin Centre

Can you feel the love for whales and dolphins tonight? It’s common knowledge that dolphins and whales live in pods. Did you know that young male bottlenose dolphins often form friendships that last for years? The friendship of adoption dolphins Charlie and Indigo makes our hearts swell! Together they enjoy zooming around Chanonry Point, up…

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12 gifts to bring a merry Christmas for whales and dolphins

On the first day of Christmas, I bought my friend a really nice gift to help support Whale and Dolphin Conservation! As if by magic, another year has passed and Christmas is upon us. We have created WDC’s top 12 flip-tastic ethical and sustainable gifts of Christmas that support our critical work. Earn some seriously…

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