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Dolphins with keepers in the new Windsor Safari Park. Image: PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Three decades on from UK’s last dolphin show, what needs to change?

Watching whales and dolphins in the wild can be life changing

Whales and dolphins are too intelligent, too large and too mobile to ever thrive in a tank. Like us, when they are confined and their choices are taken away, their mental health suffers. Our Dark Side Of Captivity campaign has been uncovering the disturbing truth behind the glamour of the whale and dolphin shows and…

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Kiska the orca

Real stories from the dark side of captivity

Since we launched our campaign, we’ve been talking a lot about what a dark place captivity is for whales and dolphins. But no matter how many social media posts you ‘like’, or even how many scientific papers you read, nothing brings it home more than witnessing the impact captivity has had on the mental health…

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End captivity background

Uncovering the dark side of captivity

Last week we launched our major new campaign to reveal and uncover the dark side of captivity, and call on tourism giant TUI, and the rest of the travel industry, to commit to an ethical phase out of captivity. There are two sides to captivity: the show that the audience enjoys, and the dark side:…

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