BinStrap is a device (designed by Irish entrepreneur and environmentalist Gaelan Goodfellow) that secures bin lids, helping keep domestic and commercial bins safe and secure so that the waste they contain can’t fall out.

Up to 95% of the plastic in our ocean that poses a threat to the health of whales and dolphins comes from our towns and cities, which makes its way into waterways and drains – often as a result of overflowing or unsecured wheelie bins. With over 1.5 billion wheelie bins worldwide although this is an issue that WDC feels needs urgent attention.

Through our new partnership, BinStrap have kindly agreed to donate €1 plus VAT for every BinStrap sold through to help support WDC’s vital work to maintain healthy seas for whales and dolphins – meaning every BinStrap sold has even more of a positive impact.

“The ocean is under serious threat right now. Prevention is better than cure and at BinStrap that is exactly what we are doing – we are preventing litter and plastic getting into the environment. Together we believe we have a fantastic combination that will work to seriously tackle these issues”, said Galean, founder of BinStrap.