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HotSpots – A Round Up of Recent UK Sightings

By Vicki James / 19th June 2014

Some lucky (and hardy!) individuals reported some remarkable whale and dolphin sightings in UK waters during this last winter and spring. Harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphins,…

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Global interest in report on impacts of marine renewable energy on whales and dolphins

By Vicki James / 5th June 2014

While generating increasing amounts of energy from marine renewable sources such as wind, wave or tides could help reduce our overreliance on fossil fuels, marine…

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HotSpots – A Round up of UK Autumn 2013 Sightings

By Vicki James / 2nd January 2014

In the crisp, clean mornings of autumn the cold can catch you by surprise and so can whales and dolphins; they seem to turn up…

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HotSpots – A Round up of UK Summer Sightings

By Vicki James / 16th September 2013

After a long cold winter and a record-breaking cold spring, the UK basked in sunshine and enjoyed one of the warmest summers on record; in…

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Risso’s dolphins spotted off Bardsey Island in the UK

By Vicki James / 25th July 2013

Imagine kayaking across a flat calm, almost mirror like ocean, on a balmy sunny day, only to have your path crossed by a small pod…

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HotSpots – A Round up of UK Spring Sightings

By Vicki James / 24th June 2013

Spring seemed to take a while to arrive this year as winter kept an icy grip for much longer than normal. Once the warmer weather…

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