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Risso’s dolphins in North Wales – Bardsey Fieldwork 2016

Vicki James

Green Whale research coordinator

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Risso’s dolphins in North Wales – Bardsey Fieldwork 2016

By Vicki James / 12th September 2016

It seems that this year’s Bardsey fieldwork has been and gone in a flash, it felt like I was only on the island for a…

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North Sea piling development worrying for porpoises

By Vicki James / 18th August 2016

The UK government has given consent for the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, to be built off the Yorkshire coast. This decision could…

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Risso’s dolphins in north Wales – Bardsey Island fieldwork 2015

By Vicki James / 24th November 2015

Thanks to funding from Natural Resources Wales (NRW), we were able to go to Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli) for two weeks in September this year…

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Dolphin delights at Bardsey Island

By Vicki James / 4th November 2014

Earlier this year we were back in North Wales, at Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli), undertaking our fieldwork into the Risso’s dolphins that make Bardsey their…

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Good news for Welsh Whales and Dolphins

By Vicki James / 7th August 2014

Here at WDC we welcome the recent news that a large wind farm that was proposed in the Irish Sea, has been withdrawn. The Rhiannon offshore…

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HotSpots – A Round Up of Recent UK Sightings

By Vicki James / 19th June 2014

Some lucky (and hardy!) individuals reported some remarkable whale and dolphin sightings in UK waters during this last winter and spring. Harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphins,…

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