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Does Japan really want to buy old fin whale meat as Loftsson empties his freezers?

Vanessa Williams-Grey

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Does Japan really want to buy old fin whale meat as Loftsson empties his freezers?

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 16th August 2017

Is Kristján Loftsson finally clearing out his freezer of ‘old meat’ from endangered fin whales? Judging by the amount of activity yesterday at the harbourside…

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Tourists can save whales by losing their appetite for whale meat

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 2nd August 2017

I often wonder why so many tourists remember to pack their toothbrushes but leave their values behind on the kitchen table? I’m just back from…

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Whaletrips: Meeting the whales off Greenland!

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 4th July 2017

I’m delighted to introduce our third guest blog from supporter, Oliver Dirr, who has been travelling round the world, watching whales and sharing his best…

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Icelandic whalers bank on tourist ignorance – don't be fooled!

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 26th June 2017

Iceland’s commercial hunt of minke whales opened in early June and as many as 264 whales could be killed this season, including a permitted carry-over…

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"Whale meat is good for children" claims Norwegian government

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 8th June 2017

I’m alarmed – but sadly not surprised – to learn that Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, is funding efforts to promote whale meat to children.…

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Stranded pilot whales refloated by Sri Lankan navy

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 1st June 2017

A pod of around 20 short-finned pilot whales which stranded off Sampur Beach near Trincomalee on Sri Lanka’s north-east coast yesterday, have been refloated by…

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