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Paradise lost? Extraordinary encounters with sperm whales

Vanessa Williams-Grey

Policy manager - Stop Whaling and Responsible Whale Watching

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Paradise lost? Extraordinary encounters with sperm whales

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 17th April 2019

A magical sperm whale encounter One morning back in 2015,  in an ocean devoid of other vessels for at least a mile in every direction,…

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Is Iceland’s old boys’ network responsible for killing whales?

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 14th March 2019

There’s much anger in Iceland following the recent decision to renew whaling quotas – a decision which could see more than two thousand fin and…

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‘What do we want? TO SAVE THE WHALES! When do we want it? NOW!’

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 29th January 2019

Last Saturday, I marched shoulder to shoulder with WDC colleagues as we braved the January cold to protest in central London with hundreds of like-minded…

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Think twice before booking a luxury ‘snorkel with whales’ safari

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 11th October 2018

Daydreaming about escaping the British winter for sunshine and adventure? If so, you are far from alone! Inevitably, as the nights draw in, many of…

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Did Icelandic whalers really kill a blue whale?

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 18th July 2018

*Warning – this blog contains an image that you may find upsetting* They say a week is a long time in politics. Well it also…

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End the whale hunts! Icelandic fin whaler isolated as public mood shifts

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 21st May 2018

Here’s a sight I hoped never again to witness. A boat being scrubbed and repainted on Reykjavik harbour will generally arouse little attention from passing…

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