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Dangerous behaviour - snorkellers and orcas.

No way is this responsible whale watching Norway

Vanessa Williams-Grey

Policy manager - Stop Whaling and Responsible Whale Watching

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No way is this responsible whale watching Norway

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 4th January 2022

As a new year dawns, how I wish that for once I could be writing something positive about Norway’s relationship with whales. After Norwegian whalers…

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Net zero – why Norway’s pointless and cruel hearing experiments on minke whales must be scrapped

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 3rd August 2021

It’s hard to know whether to breathe a sigh of relief that this year’s risky hearing experiments on juvenile minke whales off northern Norway have…

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Shameful whale experiments in Norway – what we know and why they must stop

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 15th June 2021

As football fans settle down to enjoy a beer, a barbeque and the opening games of the Euros, my thoughts are centred on a remote…

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Why Norwegian minke whaling is cruel, shameful and pointless

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 4th May 2021

If you’re a fan of the quiz show, Pointless, you’ll be familiar with its format – 100 members of the public are asked to answer…

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Outrage as Norway’s government says its whalers are ‘essential workers’

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 14th April 2020

If you are able to help with a donation it would mean the world right now: Yes, I’ll donate I’m writing from my desk in…

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How we’re tackling whaling in Norway

By Vanessa Williams-Grey / 3rd March 2020

We’re helping to spearhead a campaign – supported by an international coalition of almost 40 conservation and animal welfare organisations – calling on airlines flying…

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