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New studies reveal impact of navy sonar on whales

Sarah Dolman

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New studies reveal impact of navy sonar on whales

By Sarah Dolman / 3rd July 2013

Two new published studies in the scientific journals Proceedings B and Biology Letters, reveal how simulated navy sonar can disturb the behaviour of blue whales…

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Sightings galore for Big Watch Weekend

By Sarah Dolman / 26th June 2013

With so many amazing places around the Scottish coastline to watch out for whales and dolphins, you’re never too far away from witnessing an incredible…

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Every storm cloud has a silvery lining….

By Sarah Dolman / 23rd September 2012

It’s been a challenging few weeks as we have been subjected to gale force wind … wind … and even more wind. But it’s when…

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Sea Shiant-y

By Sarah Dolman / 20th August 2012

We (WDCS researchers Nicola and Sarah along with our able Canine Research Assistants, Kila and Harvey) have returned to the magical Isle of Lewis in…

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The Minch is full of life!

By Sarah Dolman / 7th June 2012

We had an unexpectedly glorious day on the water today and saw first-hand what many had been telling us over the past few days since…

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