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Sarah Dolman

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We need less talk more action from UK governments on tackling dolphin and whale deaths in fishing gear

By Sarah Dolman / 24th November 2020

Our petition called for strong UK laws after Brexit to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing nets and gear. More than a thousand…

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EU gets tough on dolphin deaths – how did we get them to take action?

By Sarah Dolman / 28th July 2020

The biggest killer of dolphins and porpoises in the seas of Europe is accidental entanglement in fishing nets. Known as ‘bycatch’, many thousands meet this…

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We need urgent action to stop porpoises dying in nets in UK seas

By Sarah Dolman / 2nd June 2020

Around 1,105 harbour porpoises die in UK fishing gear each year, mainly in the North Sea and Celtic and Irish Seas. What’s worse is that…

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What does coronavirus mean for the future of fishing and our efforts to prevent dolphin deaths in nets?

By Sarah Dolman / 19th May 2020

Bycatch is the biggest global killer of dolphins, porpoises and whales – hundreds of thousands of them die in fishing gear every year and I…

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Putting whale and dolphin welfare on the agenda

By Sarah Dolman / 15th January 2020

Every whale and dolphin is important. You know that, but in the past, conservationists have considered what impact threats and human activities are having on…

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Buying fish – can you ever be sure that dolphins haven’t suffered?

By Sarah Dolman / 3rd December 2019

In the future, dolphins, porpoises and whales won’t get caught in fishing gear – that’s our goal. Entanglement in fishing nets and gear is known…

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