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The lights are on but there is nobody at home

Rob Lott

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The lights are on but there is nobody at home

By Rob Lott / 10th January 2017

The culmination of many months of campaigning to stop British Airways supporting SeaWorld came down to this – me and my colleague, Julia Thoms, standing…

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Tilikum – the Death of a Dark Star

By Rob Lott / 6th January 2017

The news, when it finally came, was not a surprise but it still stung. On January 6th, 2017, Sea World announced that Tilikum, the dark…

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Forgotten dolphins #4 – the plight of the beluga whale

By Rob Lott / 22nd July 2016

SIGN THE PETITION NOW. For this instalment in the Forgotten Dolphins series, WDC residential volunteer, Naomi Bentley, shines a light on the plight of captive…

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Forgotten dolphins # 2 WDC’s Tour Operator Campaign – the story so far.

By Rob Lott / 27th June 2016

Sign the petition now! Here in the UK, WDC is rightly proud that the last dolphinarium closed its doors over 20 years ago and there…

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UK Orca Watch 2016

By Rob Lott / 7th June 2016

Last month WDC headed back up to the very north of Scotland to participate in the annual Orca Watch week in Caithness. The event, run…

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A sad windfall

By Rob Lott / 7th March 2016

A few days ago on a remote, windswept beach on the wild shores of north west Iceland I found myself standing in front of a…

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