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Orca Morgan gives birth at theme park, Loro Parque

Rob Lott

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Orca Morgan gives birth at theme park, Loro Parque

By Rob Lott / 24th September 2018

On the morning of Saturday, September 22nd, Morgan gave birth. An orca being born should be a happy event, but no one is celebrating, except…

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Will Carnival follow Thomas Cook and drop cruel dolphin ‘attractions’?

By Rob Lott / 15th August 2018

You may remember that at the end of June, WDC was invited to Miami to present to senior executives at the Carnival Corporation, the world’s…

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50 shades of grey – watching orcas in Scotland

By Rob Lott / 8th June 2018

Every year, people gather on cliff tops in the north of Scotland to watch out for orcas, some of whom come down from their winter…

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Why Carnival needs to stop exploiting dolphins

By Rob Lott / 13th March 2018

Would you believe that more than 550 dolphins are held captive in 68 facilities across Mexico and the Caribbean? These dolphins are imprisoned primarily to…

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Orca Watch Week: an update.

By Rob Lott / 5th July 2017

At the end of May WDC, its Shorewatch volunteers and our friends at the Sea Watch Foundation attended the annual Orca Watch week in Caithness, Scotland.…

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Caithness Orca Watch week

By Rob Lott / 22nd May 2017

WDC is once again participating in the annual Caithness Orca Watch week off the north coast of Scotland. Organised by the SeaWatch Foundation, the event…

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