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Darwin’s cognitive continuum

Philippa Brakes

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Darwin’s cognitive continuum

By Philippa Brakes / 17th September 2013

Recent media stories about ‘dumb dolphins’ (apparently taken out of context) require some antidote and here’s just the thing. Pour yourself a coffee, settle back…

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Judgment Day for Scientific Whaling

By Philippa Brakes / 17th July 2013

Guest blog by Mike Donoghue, former advisor to the New Zealand government.  Much is at stake in the International Court of Justice case between Australia…

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Is a dolphin a person?

By Philippa Brakes / 15th July 2013

Professor Thomas I White, philosopher from Loyola Marymount University California, argues in his Primer on Non-human Personhood and Cetacean Rights that dolphins qualify as non-human…

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Whales: ‘interchangeable parts of the species machine’?

By Philippa Brakes / 7th July 2013

If you read nothing else this week, read this fantastic article by Brandon Keim on ‘Being a Sandpiper’. Keim explores some of the history and…

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Australia’s motivation: Japan attacks

By Philippa Brakes / 4th July 2013

Whilst Australia’s motivation for bringing the case on Japanese Scientific Whaling to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) may be the result of domestic public pressure,…

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Why is Australia v Japan such a special case?

By Philippa Brakes / 1st July 2013

The history of contentious cases at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is long, dating back to 1947. The ICJ was founded just a few years…

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