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Dolphin intentionally harpooned in Croatia.

Nicola Hodgins

Policy Manager at WDC

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Dolphin intentionally harpooned in Croatia.

By Nicola Hodgins / 26th August 2013

During regular surveys, researchers from Blue World (a Croatian ngo) were shocked and saddened to encounter a bottlenose dolphin with a spear gun harpoon sticking…

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A "dolphin" never forgets

By Nicola Hodgins / 7th August 2013

We’ve known for some time how dolphins are highly intelligent, have complex social lives and form strong bonds with other individuals however new research published…

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Flashback or Comeback?

By Nicola Hodgins / 29th July 2013

Back in June I reported on the wonderful sighting by friends of WDC (the Ionian Dolphin Project) of a pod of 7 common dolphins in…

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Harbour porpoises on the move, or just especially elusive?

By Nicola Hodgins / 16th July 2013

The past few months have been significant for rare sightings of some species of whales and dolphins (north Pacific right whales off the west coast…

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Whale meat being returned to Iceland

By Nicola Hodgins / 11th July 2013

What do the Icelandic whalers do with their whale meat? They sell it to Asian countries to make a substantial profit. However, the whale meat shipped…

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Number of species of cetacean now extinct 2 (?) – China 0

By Nicola Hodgins / 5th July 2013

Despite being declared a Chinese “national treasure” and being protected since 1975, the world looked on in sorrow when the baiji (otherwise known as the…

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