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Orcas travel long distances © Willyam Bradberry

Breaking barriers for whales and dolphins at the Convention of Migratory Species

Nicola Hodgins

Policy Manager at WDC

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Group of orcas at surface

Breaking barriers for whales and dolphins at the Convention of Migratory Species

By Nicola Hodgins / 17th August 2023

Many species of whales, dolphins and porpoises undertake long journeys, encountering human-made obstacles along the way. Danger lurks in various forms from fishing nets to harpoons,…

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Amazon river dolphins leaping

The state of river dolphin conservation

By Nicola Hodgins / 4th July 2023

At Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we partner with conservationists and communities fighting to save river dolphins in their home countries. One of these collaborations is…

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Irrawaddy dolphin

Helping fishers protect dolphins in Sarawak, Borneo

By Nicola Hodgins / 24th May 2023

Fishing nets are bad news for dolphins and porpoises, so we’re working with local fishers in Hong Kong and Sarawak, Borneo to save lives and…

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When porpoises and people overlap

By Nicola Hodgins / 28th February 2023

We’re funding a project in Hong Kong that’s working with fishing communities to help save the vulnerable finless porpoises who share the sea with them.…

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Risso's dolphin at surface

My lucky number – 13 years studying amazing Risso’s dolphins

By Nicola Hodgins / 29th November 2022

Everything we learn about the Risso’s dolphins off the coast of Scotland amazes us and helps us argue for their protection. Every time I step…

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We’re getting to know Risso’s dolphins in Scotland so we can protect them

By Nicola Hodgins / 15th November 2022

Citizen scientists in Scotland are helping us better understand Risso’s dolphins by sending us their photographs.  Risso’s dolphins are an amazing yet relatively little-known species.…

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