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Nicola Hodgins

Policy Manager at WDC

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The Risso’s collective – collaborating with scientists all over the world

By Nicola Hodgins / 8th September 2020

Risso’s dolphins are big. They grow up to four metres in length and with their large dorsal fins, can be mistaken for orcas.  But if…

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A little slice of heaven – amazing dolphin sightings around the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

By Nicola Hodgins / 25th August 2020

As I headed up north to begin my 2020 summer fieldwork season here on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, I knew…

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Surely coronavirus teaches us we shouldn’t be eating whales or dolphins?

By Nicola Hodgins / 23rd June 2020

There is no denying that COVID-19 is on track to becoming the worst pandemic in modern history. However, it’s an uncomfortable truth that we are…

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How we’re protecting whales and dolphins across borders

By Nicola Hodgins / 4th March 2020

It’s all very well individual nations putting their own conservation plans into action, but what about species, like whales, dolphins and porpoises, that don’t just…

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Conservation in action – working on an international stage to protect whales and dolphins

By Nicola Hodgins / 18th February 2020

Unlike us humans, whales, dolphins and porpoises don’t entertain the concept of borders. For them it’s not the artificial construct of imaginary barriers that prevents…

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Port River dolphins

New report reveals 100,000 dolphins and small whales hunted every year

By Nicola Hodgins / 6th August 2018

When you hear the words ‘dolphin hunts’ it’s likely that you think of Japan or the Faroe Islands. Although they are complicit in the deaths…

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