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Risso's dolphin © Andy Knight

We’re getting to know Risso’s dolphins in Scotland so we can protect them

Nicola Hodgins

Policy Manager at WDC

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We’re getting to know Risso’s dolphins in Scotland so we can protect them

By Nicola Hodgins / 15th November 2022

Citizen scientists in Scotland are helping us better understand Risso’s dolphins by sending us their photographs.  Risso’s dolphins are an amazing yet relatively little-known species.…

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Why do whales and dolphins strand on beaches?

By Nicola Hodgins / 25th October 2022

People often ask me ‘why’ whales and dolphins do one thing or another.  I’m a whale and dolphin scientist and so it’s my job to…

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Bottlenose dolphins

On the anniversary of the massacre of 1,423 dolphins, what’s changed?

By Nicola Hodgins / 12th September 2022

One year ago today, 1,423 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, including mothers with calves and pregnant females, were chased for hours before being slaughtered on a beach…

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Faroes dolphin hunt review – disappointing is an understatement

By Nicola Hodgins / 26th July 2022

I wasn’t alone in hoping that substantial changes would be made as a result of the ‘dolphin hunting review’. This so-called ‘review’ was promised by…

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Faroe Islands – out of sight but not out of mind

By Nicola Hodgins / 7th December 2021

We have been working to end the pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands for many years, but the killing of at least 1,428 Atlantic…

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Risso's dolphin

Remarkable Risso’s dolphins – how we’re studying them to protect them

By Nicola Hodgins / 12th October 2021

And just like that, another season of field research studying remarkable Risso’s dolphins came to a close. We’ve been visiting the Isle of Lewis for…

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