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Collision With A Gray Whale Eliminates Yacht From Sailing Race

Monica Pepe

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Collision With A Gray Whale Eliminates Yacht From Sailing Race

By Monica Pepe / 29th January 2019

My work day today started with an email directing me to an article about a sailboat colliding with a whale in the San Francisco Bay.…

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WDC talks about whales with sailors at the Volvo Ocean Race

By Monica Pepe / 8th June 2018


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WDC meets Volvo Ocean Race

By Monica Pepe / 9th May 2018

One of the programs I spend a lot of my time working on is our sailing outreach program Sharing the Seas: Safe Boating for Sailors…

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Ecotourism with whales in New England and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

By Monica Pepe / 15th May 2017

Back in January I made a trip to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for education programming work.  In April, it was their turn to come…

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Education Programs in the Eastern Caribbean Making a Difference

By Monica Pepe / 27th February 2017

I can recall many profound moments during my time with WDC, but by far some of the most impactful moments happen when you see children’s…

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Education With A Porpoise #3- An Education Blog Series

By Monica Pepe / 15th November 2016

WDC is an international leader in educating and exciting people of all ages about whales and dolphins, and this summer we were the proud recipients of…

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