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New Zealand announces new whale sanctuary


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New Zealand announces new whale sanctuary

By mike.bossley / 12th August 2014

The NZ government has just launched the Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary on the east coast of the South Island. The area is biologically rich and includes…

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Dolphins, genetics and conservation

By mike.bossley / 8th August 2014

This past week saw the identification of yet another new species of dolphin (an Australian humpback dolphin called Sousa sahulensis): Advances in the use…

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Learning to rescue stranded whales in Adelaide

By mike.bossley / 28th July 2014

Whales and dolphins swimming free in the ocean are the very essence of controlled grace. Stranded on shore they are pathetically helpless. There appear to…

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Want to name an Australian baby dolphin?

By mike.bossley / 8th April 2014

I have been studying a community of some 50 resident dolphins living in the Port River estuary (Adelaide, Australia) for the past 25 years. These dolphins…

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WDC raises plight of New Zealand dolphin at scientific meeting

By mike.bossley / 12th December 2013

WDC has a small but hardworking team at the Biennial meeting of the Marine Mammal Society taking place this week at the University of Otago,…

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Adelaide dolphin Wave grieves the loss of her calf

By mike.bossley / 1st October 2013

This past week we watched with great sadness the way a mother dolphin grieves for her dead calf. Port River dolphin Wave is known to…

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