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We’ve won protection for Māui and Hector’s dolphins, but is it enough?


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We’ve won protection for Māui and Hector’s dolphins, but is it enough?

By mike.bossley / 14th July 2020

After decades of our campaigning, the New Zealand government has finally released the Threat Management Plan (TMP) for the Māui and Hector’s dolphins who live…

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How has the world changed for whale and dolphin protection?

By mike.bossley / 7th July 2020

A veteran conservationist looks back… I’m Dr Mike Bossley and I’ve been engaged in research, conservation and education for the past 50 years. I’ve worked…

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The things we do at WDC Australasia

By mike.bossley / 28th June 2015

Our Manager of Science & Education in Australasia, Dr. Mike Bossley, will retire at the end of the month after over 12 years of dedicated work…

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Is this dolphin family doomed?

By mike.bossley / 10th February 2015

Wave was one of the matriachs of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. She was born about 1992 and had the first (Bronny, a male) of her…

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Citizens in Science – meet the Dolphin Watchers of Kangaroo Island

By mike.bossley / 18th December 2014

This blog post is written by volunteer Charlotte Foster, who has spent the past few months in Australia… G’day! Two and a half months into my…

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Where is Wave?

By mike.bossley / 16th October 2014

Some worrying news from WDC’s dolphin adoption programme in Adelaide, Australia… Port River resident Wave has not been seen since mid-September and anxiety is mounting…

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