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We take whales and dolphins to Scottish Parliament

Lorna Hall

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We take whales and dolphins to Scottish Parliament

By Lorna Hall / 1st March 2019

Me with the with WDC stand at parliament I’m the education officer at WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre and I’ve just spent a week in Scottish…

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A message from the deep

By Lorna Hall / 5th September 2017

This blog was written by WDC interns at the Scottish Dolphin Centre; Emily, Sadie, Emma and Anna to highlight the problem of plastic pollution. They…

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Unexpected Guests: Pilot Whales in the Moray Firth

By Lorna Hall / 14th August 2017

From WDC information officer, Sam Flood. Long-finned Pilot Whales are curious cetaceans. They are known for their peculiar, bulbous heads and, as the name suggests,…

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Education with a Porpoise #2 – An Education Blog Series

By Lorna Hall / 8th November 2016

WDC is an international leader in educating and exciting people of all ages about whales and dolphins, and this summer we were the proud recipients…

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WDC at Scottish Parliament

By Lorna Hall / 11th March 2015

On Monday 16th February, we, Lorna (Education officer) and Katie (Conservation officer),  along with our Edinburgh based colleague Sarah Dolman, took a little trip to…

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