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WDC in Japan – Part 2: Digital dolphins

Katrin Matthes

Katrin koordiniert für uns die internationale Arbeit zu Japan. Ihr Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf der Beendigung des kommerziellen Walfangs und der Delfinjagden in Taiji. Katrin kümmert sich außerdem um die Bildungs- und Kinderinhalte auf unserer deutschen Website.

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WDC in Japan – Part 2: Digital dolphins

By Katrin Matthes / 5th September 2023

Welcome to the second chapter of my incredible journey to build alliances in Japan. As promised in my last blog, I am going to tell…

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WDC in Japan – Part 1: Finding allies in Tokyo

By Katrin Matthes / 8th August 2023

At the end of May, I embarked on an incredible journey to Japan on behalf of Whale and Dolphin Conservation. My mission was clear: Find…

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Loved and killed – whales and dolphins in Japan

By Katrin Matthes / 30th May 2023

Protests and criticism from outside Japan in response to the slaughter of whales and dolphins have not only failed to stop the killing, but also…

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Why the Taiji dolphin hunt can never be justified

By Katrin Matthes / 11th April 2023

Supporters of the dolphin slaughter in Japan argue that killing a few hundred dolphins every year pales into insignificance compared with the millions of animals…

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tins of whale meat

How Japan’s whaling industry is trying to convince people to eat whales

By Katrin Matthes / 17th January 2023

Japan’s hunters kill hundreds of whales every year despite the fact that hardly anyone in Japan eats whale meat. But rather than have them hang…

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Speaking truth to power – my week giving whales a voice

By Katrin Matthes / 1st November 2022

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting is where governments come together to make decisions about whaling and whale conservation. Our team was at this year’s convention…

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