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Katrin Matthes

Katrin koordiniert für uns die internationale Arbeit zu Japan. Ihr Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf der Beendigung des kommerziellen Walfangs und der Delfinjagden in Taiji. Katrin kümmert sich außerdem um die Bildungs- und Kinderinhalte auf unserer deutschen Website.

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Busy Japanese city

WDC in Japan – Part 6: Lessons learnt

By Katrin Matthes / 26th March 2024

I spent three weeks of travelling around Japan to find allies and get an up-to-date impression of Japanese whaling, and my experiences and conversations I had have given me a better understanding of why whales and dolphins are still being killed today and what we need to do to end the hunts. It’s not going to be easy but, with the right approach, I believe it’s possible.

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Japanese whaling ship

WDC in Japan – Part 5: The meaning of whaling

By Katrin Matthes / 17th January 2024

Whaling has a centuries-old history in Japan and has deep roots in the country’s identity. But today, whale meat products are a rare find. After returning from Taiji, the next leg of my journey sought to answer an important question: is whaling an indispensable part of Japanese culture or is it just a cruel vestige upheld by a minority?

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Taiji's cove with boats rounding up dolphins to be slaughtered or sold to aquraiums

WDC in Japan – Part 4: A journey to Taiji’s killing cove

By Katrin Matthes / 14th December 2023

Every year in Taiji, Japan, 500 to 600 dolphins of various species are killed, or captured and sold to zoos and aquariums worldwide. I had to visit the home of the notorious ‘cove’ to understand why and how this is still happening, and what needs to be done to end it forever. But I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed.

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Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin © Mike Bossley/WDC

WDC in Japan – Part 3: Restoring freedom to dolphins in South Korea

By Katrin Matthes / 24th October 2023

In my last blog, I shared my spectacular encounter with digital whales and dolphins, now I want to tell you about the real dolphins I had the chance to marvel at in the wild from Jeju Island in South Korea. The best part of the story is that some of them were once in captivity but have been successfully released into the wild thanks to the tireless work of an organisation called Hot Pink Dolphins. Today, these dolphins swim wild and free again, reunited with their original family. Since South Korea is only a stone’s throw away from Japan, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the team responsible.

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WDC in Japan – Part 2: Digital dolphins

By Katrin Matthes / 5th September 2023

Welcome to the second chapter of my incredible journey to build alliances in Japan. As promised in my last blog, I am going to tell…

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WDC in Japan – Part 1: Finding allies in Tokyo

By Katrin Matthes / 8th August 2023

At the end of May, I embarked on an incredible journey to Japan on behalf of Whale and Dolphin Conservation. My mission was clear: Find…

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