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Rastus – the tale of an extraordinary dog and his love of dolphins

Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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Rastus – the tale of an extraordinary dog and his love of dolphins

By Julia Pix / 1st September 2020

Dr Nicolette Scourse is an academic, educator, author and illustrator with a passion for whales, dolphins and the ocean. In her guest blog she tells…

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My time travel for whales and dolphins

By Julia Pix / 26th May 2020

Pamela Styles is one of our brilliant volunteers, giving talks in schools about whales and dolphins. She wanted to raise money to help our efforts…

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How we’re helping to keep orcas safe from capture in Russia

By Julia Pix / 21st April 2020

In 1999, we helped open up whale research in Russia, building a photo-ID catalogue of orcas as well as a Russian team to study them.…

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Cutting it with citizen science – following a whale from the Caribbean to the Arctic via Scotland

By Julia Pix / 26th February 2020

Steve Truluck is a whale watching guide and skipper for Hebridean Whale Cruises, Gairloch, Scotland. He began his journey into the wonderful world of whales…

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The pingers and the porpoise – preventing deaths in fishing nets in Cornwall

By Julia Pix / 16th January 2020

When a porpoise or dolphin swims into a fishing net, rope or line, they can quickly become entangled. Like us, they breathe air, and so…

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US aquarium wants to import belugas from Canada

By Julia Pix / 28th November 2019

Mystic Aquarium, in the US state of Connecticut, has applied to import five young beluga whales from Marineland in Canada for research, claiming they cannot study…

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