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Joy and sadness watching Hector’s dolphins in their wild place

Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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Joy and sadness watching Hector’s dolphins in their wild place

By Julia Pix / 2nd February 2021

The widening estuary is deserted…  it was not always like this – a rusting trypot from busy whaling days lies askew on the bank. This…

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Covid and conservation – how we protected whales and dolphins together in 2020

By Julia Pix / 19th January 2021

© V. Mignon As we begin a new year, our chair of trustees, Lisa Drewe, wanted to share with you her reflections on 2020 and…

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Save the whales, save the world – convincing governments that whales will help us fight the climate crisis

By Julia Pix / 5th January 2021

Help save the world by saving the whales with a donation Yes. I’ll donate Whales store harmful carbon Like trees, these magnificent giants remove harmful…

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Belugas take little steps to new life in sanctuary home

By Julia Pix / 15th December 2020

The whales made good progress in their care pools in the bay and in September were released to explore the wider sanctuary. Their first swims…

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What was it like to be in the rescue team at the Tasmania pilot whale stranding?

By Julia Pix / 13th October 2020

Dr Maddie Brasier is a marine biologist at the University of Tasmania and member of the Wildcare Tasmania Whale Rescue Volunteer First Response Team having…

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Why do female orcas live so long after they stop having babies?

By Julia Pix / 15th September 2020

Orcas are one of only five species known to experience menopause and females can live for many decades after their last calf.  The only other…

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