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Diving sperm whales in Sri Lanka © Andrew Sutton

Sri Lanka oil spill brings fears for whales and dolphins

Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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Sri Lanka oil spill brings fears for whales and dolphins

By Julia Pix / 4th June 2021

Spinner dolphins in Sri Lanka © Andrew Sutton Experts are increasingly concerned at the plight of a Singapore-registered cargo ship, the X-Press Pearl, laden with…

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minke whale breaching

Norway urged to abandon plans to experiment on captured whales

By Julia Pix / 12th April 2021

Take action Ask the Norwegian prime minister to stop these cruel experiments. Sign now – the whales could be captured any day.   50 of…

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Goodbye Bycatch – what have we achieved and what’s next?

By Julia Pix / 6th April 2021

Thank you to everyone who’s got involved with our campaign to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear in UK seas to put…

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Why do porpoises and dolphins find it so difficult to avoid fishing nets?

By Julia Pix / 30th March 2021

When a dolphin or porpoise is caught or entangled in fishing gear it’s known as ‘bycatch‘ and it’s the biggest threat they face. Hundreds of…

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Meet the brainiacs of the underwater world – deep thinkers with intricate emotional lives

By Julia Pix / 16th March 2021

Whales and dolphins have big brains, and large brained beings have a few things in common. We live long lives, we’re sociable and our behaviour…

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Real lives lost – the true dolphin, porpoise and whale stories behind the bycatch statistics

By Julia Pix / 2nd March 2021

Every dolphin, porpoise and whale who dies in fishing gear was an individual with their own life story. They probably had a family and friends,…

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