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What do you wish for whales and dolphins in 2017?

Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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What do you wish for whales and dolphins in 2017?

By Julia Pix / 22nd December 2016

Well 2016, you’ve been eventful. Now, let’s face the new year with hope. Bring it on 2017 and we’ll each play our part in making…

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WDC takes stop whaling petition to European Parliament

By Julia Pix / 16th November 2016

On Friday, 14 October 2016, WDC’s Stop Whaling Programme Lead Astrid Fuchs and Joanne Warner, from petition site Care2, delivered almost 270,000 signatures from our…

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The times they are a-changing

By Julia Pix / 14th October 2016

I’ve had that tune in my head a lot these last few days, what with the great Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in…

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So what are we doing at the IWC?

By Julia Pix / 12th October 2016

One of the toughest gigs in a whale conservationist’s calendar is attending the meetings of the International Whaling Commission. The International Whaling Commission, or IWC,…

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A brilliant idea that could help save dolphins from extinction

By Julia Pix / 22nd September 2016

In 2002 world governments agreed to end all trade in bottlenose dolphins captured from the Black Sea. I remember that day as we celebrated this…

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A baby for released captive dolphin

By Julia Pix / 17th August 2016

We are delighted that a formerly captive Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin named Chunsam has been seen with a baby by the Dolphin Research Group of Jeju…

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