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The return of the giants – humpback whales in Scottish seas

Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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The return of the giants – humpback whales in Scottish seas

By Julia Pix / 6th April 2018

Ron Macdonald retired from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) after 27 years of service. SNH is the public body that advises the Scottish government on wildlife…

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Japan's whaling season ends with 262 whales dead

By Julia Pix / 3rd November 2017

Japan’s whale-hunting season in the North Pacific has just closed with 262 whales dead. Since June, when the controversial hunt began, the whalers have killed…

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No one knows how many dolphins and porpoises die in nets in EU, concludes new report

By Julia Pix / 1st September 2017

A report just published by ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) reveals that EU Member States are failing to adequately monitor…

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Our search for a beluga sanctuary location

By Julia Pix / 30th August 2017

As you may be aware, it has taken us a number of years to complete our search for a sanctuary site for the belugas taken…

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EU says Japan's whaling won't stop trade deal

By Julia Pix / 25th May 2017

In October 2016, WDC and Care2 represented almost 270,000 EU citizens when we submitted a petition to the European Parliament. The petition called on the…

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How will we stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear in UK seas?

By Julia Pix / 18th May 2017

We’ve been busy since we launched our campaign! We’re determined to make sure appropriate laws are in place to protect dolphins, porpoises and whales from…

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