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Dolphin watching from Chanonry Point, Scotland. Image: WDC/Charlie Phillips

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Julia Pix

Communications manager - Public Engagement

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Discovering inner peace – whale and dolphin watching and mental wellbeing

By Julia Pix / 9th May 2023

Guest blog If you’ve ever seen whales or dolphins in the wild, you’ll know that it can be a positive and powerful experience.  In this…

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Moves to overturn whaling ban rejected

By Julia Pix / 25th October 2022

Last week, the 68th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC, the body that regulates whale hunting) took place in Portorož, Slovenia. WDC has sent…

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Spinner dolphin leaping

Head in a spin – my incredible spinner dolphin encounter

By Julia Pix / 18th October 2022

Sri Lanka is home to at least 30 species of whales and dolphins, from the ocean giants (blues and sperms) to lesser-seen beaked whales and…

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Watching whales and dolphins in the wild can be life changing

By Julia Pix / 11th October 2022

Whales and dolphins are too intelligent, too large and too mobile to ever thrive in a tank. Like us, when they are confined and their…

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Kiska the orca

Real stories from the dark side of captivity

By Julia Pix / 4th October 2022

Since we launched our campaign, we’ve been talking a lot about what a dark place captivity is for whales and dolphins. But no matter how…

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Not in our nets – get involved with our new campaign

By Julia Pix / 5th April 2022

As new government fishing policies are put together, now is your chance to tell ministers that they must stop dolphins dying in fishing nets around…

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