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Hayley Flanagan

Hayley is WDC's engagement officer, specialising in creating brilliant content for our website and publications.

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Healthy humpback whale helping an entangled humpback to the surface to breathe

The journey of an entangled whale

By Hayley Flanagan / 12th June 2024

Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as field director Paul Satchell shares his encounter with a humpback whale who became entangled in fishing line, as seen in episode one, Ocean Odysseys, of the series Incredible Animal Journeys on Disney+. Filled with twists and turns, this story is a powerful reminder of the need to protect these magnificent climate giants.

Here’s Paul to tell you more …

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Wintery scene in Iceland

Seeking sanctuary – Iceland’s complex relationship with whales

By Hayley Flanagan / 17th October 2023

Iceland is an incredible island full of contrasts – from fiery volcanos to icy glaciers, thundering waterfalls to cavernous rift valleys. Amidst all the wonder, one sobering paradox looms: while the seas are home to populations of wild whales, docked in the port two lone, harpoon-equipped whaling ships threaten these amazing beings.

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Pilot whale

How we need to support Faroese communities to end the whale and dolphin hunts

By Hayley Flanagan / 28th September 2023

Change is in the air as people wake up to the reality that our planet and the species we share it with cannot be treated as endless resources. This awakening has taken root in Iceland, where a majority now opposes whaling. Our goal is to extend this growing appreciation of whales and dolphins to the Faroe Islands, where a centuries-old culture of hunting pilot whales persists.

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David Capello and Duchess

A former UK dolphin trainer reflects

By Hayley Flanagan / 29th August 2023

It’s been 30 years since the last dolphin show closed its doors in the UK. But shockingly, it’s still not illegal to keep a whale,…

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Glenn Marshall from PCO with WDC at the Houses of Parliament.

We’re using cartoons to urge the UK government to end captivity forever

By Hayley Flanagan / 1st August 2023

To mark the 30th anniversary of the closing of Britain’s last dolphinarium, and as part of our campaign to urge the government to #EndCaptivityForever by…

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Bare Kind whale themed socks

Bare Kind’s bamboo socks are helping save whales

By Hayley Flanagan / 11th July 2023

We work with sustainable and passionate businesses that put the environment at the forefront of their brands and help us protect whales and dolphins. We’re…

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