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Humpback whales swim up river in Kakadu National Park

George Berry

George is a member of WDC's Communications team and website coordinator.

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Humpback whales swim up river in Kakadu National Park

By George Berry / 16th September 2020

Wildlife experts in Australia’s Northern Territory are monitoring a humpback whale that has travelled 18 miles (30km) up the East Alligator river. It is the…

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Quieter waters allow dolphins in Hong Kong to return

By George Berry / 15th September 2020

Scientists studying endangered Chinese white dolphins (Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins) in Hong Kong have noticed an increase is sightings after a drop in boat traffic.  Since…

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Mystery surrounds orca harassment of boats

By George Berry / 14th September 2020

Scientists are trying to work out why a pod of orcas have been damaging passing boats off the coasts of Spain and Portugal in recent…

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Tahlequah the orca has a new calf

By George Berry / 8th September 2020

Tahlequah (J35), an orca from the Southern Resident population, has given birth to a new calf (J57). They were seen swimming together at the end…

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Cleaning your home with a clean conscience!

By George Berry / 7th September 2020

For many of us, cleaning and sanitising our homes has never been more important however many traditional cleaning products found our supermarkets are potentially harmful…

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WDC scientists join call for global action to protect whales and dolphins from extinction

By George Berry / 3rd September 2020

Scientists from Whale and Dolphin Conservation, along with over 250 other experts from 40 countries, have signed on to an open letter calling for action…

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