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Common bottlenose dolphin wild and free © Tim Stenton

Dolphin pens identified at Russian naval base

George Berry

George is a member of WDC's Communications team and website coordinator.

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Common bottlenose dolphin

Dolphin pens identified at Russian naval base

By George Berry / 28th April 2022

Analysis of satellite imagery suggests that Russia may be using military dolphins at its naval base at Sevastopol in the Black Sea. Sea pens used…

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Beluga whale

Beluga whale Kairo dies at Oceanogràfic València

By George Berry / 27th April 2022

A marine park in Spain has announced the death of one of the beluga whales it holds in captivity. Valencia’s Oceanografic released a statement that…

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Common minke whale

Norwegian whalers kill first minke whale of the season

By George Berry / 14th April 2022

Sadly, Norwegian whalers have killed the first minke whale this season. The whale was caught on Monday by the whaling ship Kato off the Finnmark…

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Moonlight the dolphin with a jetski nearby

WDC calls for stronger law enforcement to prevent dolphin disturbance

By George Berry / 12th April 2022

Whales, dolphins and porpoises around the coast of the UK are being put at risk from human disturbance by a failing legal system that is…

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Helen the Pacific white-sided dolphin

Captive dolphin Helen dies at US marine park

By George Berry / 8th April 2022

Helen, a Pacific white-sided dolphin held captive at SeaWorld Antonio has died. The cause of death has yet to be determined. Helen, who was at least…

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Sperm whale underwater

Man-made noise forces whales and dolphins to choose life over food

By George Berry / 24th March 2022

A new study looking at the effects of excessive underwater noise on whales, dolphins and porpoises has revealed that they can often face a choice…

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