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Rainbows and Whales

George Berry

George is a member of WDC's Communications team and website coordinator.

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Rainbows and Whales

By George Berry / 3rd June 2012

We are a few months into a new field season which is always a busy time and the reason why our blog updates have been…

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Plymouth, MA- where NO NUKES meets SAVE THE WHALES

By George Berry / 11th May 2012

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant operates just a few miles from WDCS-NA’s headquarters in Plymouth, MA.   A couple of buildings down from our office, one…

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THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Unravelling the secrets of orcas and other whales in Russia

By George Berry / 23rd April 2012

The extraordinary beauty and charisma of an all-white mature bull orca, cracking the wild and windy waters of the Russian Far East, is just the…

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European Cetacean Society Conservation Award 2012

By George Berry / 11th April 2012

At the 2012 annual meeting of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) in Galway, Ireland in March, the annual Conservation Award – which is part-sponsored by…

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It's Time to Get Honest About Captivity

By George Berry / 30th March 2012

It is no secret that many of us want to be close to whales and dolphins. The honest truth is that most of us want…

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Helping the people who help

By George Berry / 23rd February 2012

The unprecedented number of mass strandings of common dolphins on Cape Cod have made national and international news. Beginning in mid-January and continuing for more…

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