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George Berry

George is responsible for WDC's websites across the various countries where we operate.

Recents Posts

One year on – Japan’s return to whaling hurts us all

By George Berry / 24th December 2019

Japanese whalers have slaughtered 223 whales in the 12 months since the Japanese government announced that it would resume industrial whaling, a decision which marine…

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Prizeo winner enjoys evening with Charlotte Crosby

By George Berry / 10th December 2019

Charlotte Crosby with WDC orca expert Rob Lott in Iceland. We would like to say a huge thank you to our brilliant supporter Charlotte Crosby…

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Japan’s government agrees to more funding for whale hunts

By George Berry / 6th December 2019

Japan’s Diet (parliament) has passed a law to help support commercial whaling through increased funding despite the falling demand for meat in the country. The…

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New research shows bottlenose dolphins turn to the right

By George Berry / 27th November 2019

New research has revealed that dolphins have a dominant right-hand side. They are joining a group of other mammals that show this preference, including humpback…

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Can you spare ten seconds to help us secure £100,000?

By George Berry / 30th October 2019

We’re through to the final for the ‘100k Giveaway’ Because of our incredible supporters, we’ve made it through to the grand final of the Animal…

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Scientists discover new humpback whale feeding technique

By George Berry / 16th October 2019

Humpback whales are renowned for the many different ways they catch their prey, such as lunge-feeding, kick-feeding, bubble-netting and many more. However, up-to-now scientists have…

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