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Russian Orca Captures: The Inside Story

Erich Hoyt

Erich is a Research Fellow at WDC and Co-chair of the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force. He is a director of the Far East Russian Orca Project (FEROP).
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Russian Orca Captures: The Inside Story

By Erich Hoyt / 11th November 2013

Eight killer whales have been taken from the wild in the Russian Far East in the last year, seven of them since August. They are…

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Whale and Dolphin Trafficking Heads East

By Erich Hoyt / 29th October 2013

Four more orcas have now been confirmed to have been captured in Russian waters for ocean amusement parks and aquariums. That makes seven total captured…

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To Understand Whales, Follow the Prey

By Erich Hoyt / 30th August 2013

This summer has been a strange one. How often have we heard those words in recent years for one reason or another? It could be…

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WDC welcomes increase of Marine Protected Areas

By Erich Hoyt / 16th October 2012

It’s good news announced at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meetings in Hyderabad, India (8-19 Oct. 2012) that marine protected areas (MPAs) have shown…

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